Your girl dressed in the Darth Vader Costume for Kids will force grip people into submission because they’ll love seeing her in this costume. The outfit comes with a skirt and features a top that’s similar to the armor worn by Vader. A hood is included to complete the look.

3 thoughts on “Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Dress

  1. Anonymous says:

    This costume is darling for the little girl who loves Darth Vader. However, this is the second costume I’ve had delivered and they are both such horrible quality!! I’m not sure what to do with Halloween just around the corner.1. The tissue paper that is wrapped inside the costume stuck itself onto the decoration on the front and won’t rub off without fear of rubbing the entire decoration off. Perhaps it was stored in a warehouse that was too hot?!2. The hat is elastic but the decoration on it is not. Therefore, the gray lined decoration on the hat popped off before my daughter even touched it! Not it’s a boring black beanie hat with gray stringy things hanging off of it.3. The stocking are very, very thin. I can let that one go, though.I would not recommend this to anyone who wants their daughter to wear the costume more than once on/before Halloween. Don’t go out when it’s at all light because people with see tissue paper and flaking gray…

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