The polyester Star Wars Ewok Infant Costume Romper is a great costume for the little ones who love those adorable critters from Endor!

3 thoughts on “Star Wars Romper And Headpiece Ewok

  1. BrittBratt says:

    Worth the money but had higher expectations. My title says it all. I looked at all the reviews on here before making my purchase, but I thought some people were just being picky. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be quite as picky so I wouldn’t be disappointed. I also read mixed reviews about the size. My son is nearly 2 and is a big boy for his age. He is 37 inches tall and is 30 lbs. He is just fitting into a 2T. I thought from some reviews that it may be perfect for him while others said it may be small. I decided to see for myself and if I wasn’t pleased I would return it but if I was, I’d be getting a great deal at $9.99. Well, most of the reviews turned out right. It’s not the greatest quality, it’s about $10 worth which is what I paid. It’s like your standard walmart costume – very thin material, good for about one use or one year’s use. The ears are very small compared to the picture and the hair is not a fluffy. Pretty much look at the picture but in your mind trim the hair around the edges of the ear off and that’s what you…

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