The HNSE04 provides adequate storage space with 1 full-width and 2 half-width door shelves, 6 can door storage for keeping your favorite drinks chilled, and holds 2-liter and tall bottles on the door. Enjoy a roomy 4.0-cubic feet. Capacity for plenty of storage space. The crisp white finish and compact design make it a desirable appliance for any home large or small. The refrigerator measures 18 7/8 width by 20 7/8 diameter by 33 3/8 height.

3 thoughts on “Haier HNSE04 4.0 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, White

  1. RastaGeorge says:

    Great Lil Fridge! When I ordered this fridge, I also ordered several SMALLER items at the same time. The fridge arrived 2-11 days before the other 6 items I ordered arrived. The UPS guy hauled the 60 pound box around on his shoulder to inside my door, with no noticeable damage. He was a BIG DUDE!Got it out the box, set it up where I wanted it, read the instructions, waited 24 hours before I plugged it in since the box had been tilted on it’s top and sides, plugged it in AND it runs beautifully, with only a lil hum to let you know it’s on, when the compressor kicks in.GOOD DEAL for $139; especially when that included shipping and handling!!!

  2. R. Lytle "Rob" says:

    Works well – but noisy This refrigerator was purchased to replace an older, smaller Haier frig in our office suite. UPS delivered the unit upside down (a no-no for a refrigerator) and will several significant dents. After turning the frig upright for 24 hrs and determining that the dents would not affect function, I hauled it to the office and replaced the old unit. The refrigerator cools nicely (and more evenly than the old one), but whenever the compressor is running, the unit makes a variety of strange, rather loud noises – sometimes like a beehive, sometimes like a kazoo (perhaps the reed valves in the refrigeration circuit). My coworker who sits across from the refrigerator has started keeping her office door closed. I would probably consider another brand or shop locally next time. I also will not trust UPS for any larger items in the future.

  3. beaker9 says:

    bigger is better This unit is awesome, works great has awesome features, the door can be put on either side, keeps my drinks and other items very cold, All around great Fridge. If i had to complain, I have it in a “smaller” area bedroom, and some times for a very short period, maybe 1- 10 minutes it kinda makes a high pitch ringing sound. this doesn’t last long and isn’t enough to sway me from fully enjoying this unit. you can only hear it if the room is quiet. maybe happens once a day. Other than that its whisper quiet. just make sure if the unit is EVER ON ITS SIDE, WAIT 24 HRS BEFORE PLUGGING IT IN. I am glad i got the bigger unit, fits a 2 liter and many other things with ease. this is my 1st small fridge, the prices on Craigslist in my area were similar but smaller units, used, and vary widely in quality. This appears to be made well.

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