say goodbye to a bad stove. More videos coming soon.

25 thoughts on “Home made pipe bomb Deleting a household appliance

  1. accovelle says:

    @eiaaie Went to flight school in Pensacola and now living in Jacksonville training for EP-3s. It sucks but will be good once its over, and good news is ill be stationed in Whidbey Island Washington this coming summer for my aircraft so ill be´╗┐ home often! And yea i still game quite a bit, mostly on my PC. Got a PS3 but dont play online much on it. If i can on here ill message u my phone number so i can talk to you a bit. Miss you bro!

  2. accovelle says:

    @eiaaie haha yea its me dude! sorry i didnt get back on here sooner. lost my account a while ago and got a new one set up recently, its good to hear from you! Thats fucking insane about ur surgury dude, my mom said she heard some stuff about u having one a while ago and im glad it went well, thats fucking awesome! Ur too fucking stubborn to let that shit hold u back anyway. Ive´╗┐ been around lately. Got my comission as an officer in the Navy last november from OCS, been in florida ever since.

  3. checkzack says:

    Hey guys, next time you feel like downloading´╗┐ music from itunes or buying a cd, make sure its not owned by Warner Music Group. If it is, look for it in torrents or limewire instead. If you’re a musician or artist, get your record deals with someone else. Warner is the only group who actually cares enough about their copyrights to police Youtube videos for their content. As long as nobody makes a profit of it, it should be perfectly okay to post vids with background songs in them.

  4. TheImfamousMowerDepp says:

    Hey Google, fuck you you piece of shit! How come you had to go and remove the sound from this. Completely ruins the video for everyone. Oh, and while´╗┐ i’m here, fuck you MPAA and RIAA because if you cunts would just back off a little, we wouldn’t be in this soundless predicament and could instead all be enjoying the fine art of deleting fucking appliances.

  5. eiaaie says:

    @bigitybow1 omg alex? dude i havn’t´╗┐ heard from you in forever. i now live in grand ronde. its shit. and i just went through open heart surgery to repair my ebstiens. i had 7 cardiac arrests and was placed into a medicated coma for 10 days. they are calling me the mericle boy and shit because i survived. good news is my heart is fixed now aside for atrial fibulation. but that should pass. what have you been up to? i miss you man. you still game at all?

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