www.blenditandmendit.com How To Make Apple Juice in the VitaMix Blender shows you how easy it is to take whole apples and a few minutes later have homemade, fresh apple juice. Drink as is or add a cucumber for a delicious, nutritious skin hydrating elixir that releases your energy – it does not have to steal your energy or burden your system. Cheer Make this and post your comments and questions. Disclaimer If you have to make your own work and your own decisions, “I’m not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. Present me this information from my personal experience. Do not take my word for it. Do not believe me” just because. “Do your own work and make your own decisions. Thank you!” Jane. Not interpreted as medical advice or treatment All content herein is the sole opinion of the author and is in no way intended to or should be construed as medical advice or treatment The reader of this information is solely responsible for his actions and their consequences. If you want, need or seek medical advice or treatment, see a doctor.

25 thoughts on “How To Make Apple Juice in the VitaMix Blender

  1. leatherback8 says:

    Brill! I knew it would be a way to make good juice in a blender hehe! Although I can not for a bio boss instead of the Vitamix go in because of cost, think it would still work out ok?

  2. blenditandMendit says:

    Hi Paul, I did not make butter in the VitaMix. But there are step by step instructions on page 12 of the manual Vmix with the speeds, etc. Your recipe calls for heavy cream and salt. Thanks for writing, such as reminding me to do a video on it. So many blends, so little time.

  3. 37mrpaul says:

    Hello JaneIch would like to know if you ever made habenim Vitamix butter from cream? ☺ I wanted him to go one, but I’m not sure what speed my Vitamix 5200 on superego am so, your posts I learn a lot from süchtigso dirHalten posting

  4. Bột Làm kem Tuấn says:

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  5. blenditandMendit says:

    I did not ice when making the juice, and I do not remember it always warm. Maybe I started with cold apples? … When I’m done, I store it covered in the refrigerator.

  6. blenditandMendit says:

    Congratulations, and I definitely agree 🙂 I hope you get as much fun and well-being of your VitaMix as I. Of mir.Danke for viewing and commenting I appreciate your Unterstützung.Jane

  7. Vleesball says:

    I have ever a juicer and I just the nicest juice .. i seriously everything trow drin.3 karrots – 1 tomato – 3 apples – 3 oranges and a peer .. I had 1L juice at the end to this amazing juice Saftpressen.hausgemachten way way much better and so different from that crap around the shops to kaufen.Und it’s strange how much juice comes out a Karrot lol: D

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