15,000 BTU/h Butane Gas Stove, Brass Burner, Heat Panel, Piezo-Electric Ignition, Built-In Windbreaker, Automatic Safety Stop, Plastic Carrying Case, CSA Commercial Indoor Approved, Magnetic Locking System.

3 thoughts on “Iwatani Corporation of America 35FW Portable Butane Stove Burner

  1. GalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!" says:

    Extremely hot vs. Burton Max stove Up until I just got this stove (from a web store called The Restaurant Source), I was always using the Max Burton stove where I drilled some center holes for the gas to come out the center of the ring as well as the edges to increase the heat output of it. I use a 10 inch carbon steel wok with the stove. I was not certain there would be a huge difference between the Max Burton and the Iwatani, but the difference is like night and day.No matter how I adjusted the little lever for air flow with the Max Burton, the flame never burned very hot. With the Max Burton as the canister began to get near empty it would get so cold that the flame would hardly be visible and I would have to take the canister out and warm it up in my hands or under hot water to get the gas to come out. The Iwatani has a small plate which brings some of the heat back to the can (in a safe and controlled manner) and keeps the can from getting super cold. Today for the first time on the Iwatani I ran a can…

  2. Fred E. Elum "Relative Ethics is like trying ... says:

    Powerful and Lightweight Rarely am I impressed with a product. This stove is made as a real appliance instead of some cheap junk. It has an aluminum body with steel and stainless steel parts. The pot grate is porcelainized steel and it does get red hot while operating. The burner appears to be cast brass or bronze. The knob and feet are thick plastic. The drip tray comes apart for cleaning easily and assembles just as easily. The plastic case isn’t much to speak of but it will protect it during transport.It is a high power burner with an impressively even flame. Another Japanese stove I have also has a very even burner. The piezoelectric ignighter trips when the knob is turned to high and is very smooth. It has a heat sink that heats the underside of the canister. This allows for the higher output as well as a longer more steady run time. This is a product designed to function as a burner as opposed to a burner developed to be cheaply produced. The magnetic canister attachment is…

  3. C. Burdick says:

    Top of the line butane burner Costs more than the seemingly hundreds of others out there, but this stove is very well made, classy looking and produces serious heat. Can be used outdoors in moderate breezes. I’ve owned others that blow out under barely moving ceiling fans. Iwatani instructions call for using their canisters only. I confess to using whatever is available locally and I’m still here.

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