Koolatron coca cola fridge is collector’s favorite. It is great for offices, dorms, kitchen, living room, anywhere as you may like to carry. Koolatron coca cola fridge cools up to 32-degrees below ambient temperature. Koolatron coca cola fridge has 4-liter capacity, holds 6 (12-ounce) cans. Self-locking recessed door handle.

2 thoughts on “Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

  1. A. L. Trail "Jet-Tech" says:

    Great for study room I really like iced apple juice, but the ice was melting before I ever finished my drink. I was going through apple juice like crazy, but never really drinking much of it. I bought this personal fridge to cut down on wasting apple juice (don’t like it all watered down from melted ice). It works so well, that I can fill a 12oz glass with juice, put in a few cubes of ice, and seven hours later, the ice has not melted. Think about it…seven hours! If I leave a glass of ice and juice out for 30 minutes, the ice has melted down to little bitty bits and the juice is too watery.I used the “Mastercool MSC52224A Infrared Thermometer in Case with FREE MSC52220 Analog Thermometer” that I bought from Amazon to check the temperature performance. The manual for the mini fridge says that it is capable of cooling to 32 (deg F) below ambient. I checked it on a hot day, a warm day, a cool day, and several times between using the digital IR thermometer and it is consistently 32-45 degrees…

  2. R. Alembik "Baudelaire" says:

    Works great, but time will tell if it gets a 5th star This little “backup” fridge keeps 6 soda cans very cold. The look is pretty neat. My main quibble is with the latch mechanism. It’s a little plastic thing that I’m afraid will break because it takes a little bit of guess work to figure out wither to pull or turn to open. (It turns.) It’s perfect for a small conference room, but I’m just afraid that after long usage someone will figure out how to break it. I guess time will tell.OK, three years later my little buddy died. The handle broke and had to be glued back on a couple of times. But finally he gave up the ghost. So much for my private stash of sodas at the office. I got my money’s worth.

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