LG LFX31925ST 30.7 cu. ft. Stainless Look French Door Refrigerator \ Humidity Crispers \ Spill Protector Glass Shelves \ External Ice

3 thoughts on “LG LFX33975ST 32.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator – Energy Star

  1. Carson Drake says:

    Huge storage space This is a great product. We have a family of 5 and it is truly amazing how much more storage we have in this fridge then our last one.The general build quality seems very good however only time will tell how well all the seals, lights, and electronics hold out.Some of my favorite features.Miniature ice cubes no need to use the crushed ice feature unless maybe you want a mixed drink.Lighting is great even when full of foodCondiment storage is adequate. We seem to have lots of little jars and the design allows for storage in front of the door gallon storage bins this is very helpfulThe little storage compartments on the bottom of the fridge for cheese sticks and quick grab items for the kids. They are deep and easy access for the little onesThe sliding shelf for tall products like a 2 liter or pineapple this is used more then I thought it would be. We almost always have this shelf slid backThe Freezer is great the three shelves…

  2. BigNinja says:

    Nice large refrigerator, but… This refrigerator has all the room you will need. Only problem is lack of space for larger items such as 2 liter bottles and milk. One shelf folds in half to make room for the taller items, but it still isn’t enough. Removal of the whole shelf is necessary. The right door has room for tall items, but the temperature is higher there. A cold cuts drawer is full width of the interior making it impossible to open without both French doors opened. Two half width drawers would be more convenient. This way you would only have to open a single French door. The temperatures shown on the front door LEDs is lower than what I actually get with my two separate thermometers. The paddle that switches the ice and water on is easily marred. This happened the first time we used it. Just like getting a scratch on the hood of your new car on the first day. Polishing didn’t help. We have a cabinet above the refrigerator that cleared by less than a quarter inch. Make sure you have at least 68.88 inches of…

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