Matrix Electromagnetic/EMF Neutralizer Protect yourself and every one in your family against dangerous Electromagnetic Fields Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) can exert various kinds of influence on biological objects including humans: Matrix Holographic works on all cell phones, microwaves, computers and most electrical appliances to stop damaging your DNA Stops increasing effects of EMF’s/ RF radiation Matrix Holographic Electromagnetic/EMF Neutralizer Winner of 5 Gold medals
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2 thoughts on “Matrix EMF Neutralizer

  1. LRFLEW says:

    1) Cell Phones do not produce Ionizing Radiation, and 2) The heating in the ear from the phone would be the same if you talked to your hand for that long; the heat your body generates just gets trapped. No conspiracy at work.

  2. tky011 says:

    “There are more than 247 million cellphone users in United States alone, and some of them have reported symptoms including facial heating, migraine headaches, fatigue, nausea and loss of concentration.”

    It would have been more remarkable if there hadn’t been any reports of nausea etc. from these 247 million users.

    Some people get nauseous sometimes, and some of them use cellphones. If it was discovered that 0 of the people with nausea use cellphones, that would be interesting.

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