Refrigerator Features
Most Usable Capacity – Most usable space inside, same space on the outside, so you’ll have space for everything from party platters.
Pureadvantage Filtration Systems – Our filtration system keeps clean, filtered air circulated throughout to prevent odor transfer and keeps fresh, clean water and ice at your fingertips.
Luxury-Glide Crisper Drawers – Drawers smoothly glide out and keep produce fresh with adjustable humidity control and minimal temperature variation.
Luxury-Glide Freezer Drawers – Drawers glide out smoothly and fully extend giving you easy access to what’s inside.
Alarm System – Notifies you if there’s been a power failure, if a door stays open longer than five minutes and if the interior temperature of the refrigerator ever rises above 56 degrees for more than 20 minutes.
Range Features:
Luxury-Glide Oven Rack – With a ball bearing system, oven rack is so smooth they extend effortlessly.
Perfect Pair Ovens – Our ranges feature a large main oven and a second oven for the utmost cooking capacity. Use both simultaneously to cook two different items at two different temperatures.
Luxury-Design Lighting – Our ramp-up designer halogen lighting is as beautiful as it is functional.
Luxury-Hold Door – Our oven door stays put at whatever angle you place it.
Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Interior – Introducing the first 100% reclaimable stainless steel dishwasher tub. The tub can be repurposed when its useful life as a dishwasher is complete rather than sitting in a landfill.
Luxury-Quiet Dishwasher – So quiet you can run it whenever you want and no one will notice.
Sure-2-Fit Racking System – The most versatile racking system there’s a perfect place for over 180 items, from chopsticks to stockpots to stemware. There’s also an adjustable/removable top rack for the utmost flexibility. In its lowest position, you can fit 10″ dinner plates in the top rack and 12″ dinner plates in the bottom.

One thought on “NEW Electrolux Stainless Steel 4 Piece Appliance Package with French Door Refrigerator #11

  1. Amadeus 106 says:

    Beware Electrolux Three years ago we purchased 5 major appliances from Electrolux…Oven, Electric Range, Freezer Refrigerator, Microwave and Dishwasher. Last year while out of warranty the oven failed…fortunately,Electrolux replaced the unit….last week our refrigerator and range went belly up…..repairs not possible….on the range, all 5 burners lit up even though only one burner was turned on….the only way to shut the unit down was to turn off the circuit breaker…we spent $180 for an authorized Electrolux service to diagnose the Refrigerator……he stated that the Ice Cube maker was improperly installed leaving a “light leak” therefore leaving a gap for warm air to enter the ice cube maker causing it to freeze over….this started a chain reaction to cause the whole refrigerator to fail….Calls to Electrolux were futile…..bottom line…we are on our own…no repair, no replacement….we are out over $8000 after 3 years of use…..wondering how long before the microwave and dishwasher go…

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