Brought to you by the number 1 blender brand. A blender that’s anything but basic. Your life isn’t basic. Your blender shouldn’t be either. With this oster blender you don’t have to sacrifice quality for simplicity. The 6-cup glass jar is dishwasher safe and has been thermal shock tested so you can pull it out of a steamy dishwasher and safely make a frosty cold beverage right away. The stainless steel ice crusher blade does just that so you get smooth frozen drinks every time and 8 speeds and 450-watt give you the power to perform for every usage occasion from frozen beverages to dips, from sauces to smoothies, from soup to nuts. Like most oster blenders, it is made in north America and backed by the superior quality of all metal drive. Because the two pieces that connect are metal instead of plastic, you get a more durable and longer-lasting blender that will function flawlessly, party after party, year after year. The competition just can’t compare. No matter the occasion, party for 15 or smoothie for two, blending is better with an oster blender.

2 thoughts on “Oster BCCG08-RM1-000 8-Speed 6-Cup Blender, Red

  1. Micheal Mathews says:

    Top notch mid-line blender While it’s not a stainless steel monster blender that will turn iPads into smoothies, it’s also not a plastic piece of junk. My last blender was a corner store last minute buy for a margarita party. It had a plastic pitcher, a purple see through base and it eventually started smoking and leaking black oily liquid onto my counter. $15 gets you what it gets you.This blender is a pretty solid offering at a reasonable price.The base is made of plastic which feels a little cheap but it’s also what makes it very light weight. The pitcher however is glass and it’s a thick, heavy glass which is what makes the whole thing feel really well thought out. The buttons are well labeled and because there’s a switch between high and low you have about 6 speeds and a couple pulse settings.I got this through the vine and since that meant it was free for me I decided to run it through some rigorous testing. After all if it broke I wasn’t gunna cry about it.First…

  2. D. Wilson "SonRisedInTheEast" says:

    It slices, it dices, it… looks like stainless steel but is really plastic? This is all true friends, the Oster BCCG08-C 6-Cup 8-Speed Blender is by far the finest blender I’ve ever owned. In fact, barring my buddies Ninja BL660(and let’s face it, for the price of a car payment it better be), this is the niceset blender I’ve ever even seen. Easy to use and even easier to clean(after countless smoothies), this machine does it all(including crush ice, which they make an integral point on the box) and looks handsome while doing it! And the price? As agreeable as my infamous green bean/carrott/wildberry/bananna smoothies(which is really agreeable– contrary to the family memebers running and screaming out of the kitchen when offered one)! I should note one disapointment, the body appears to be stainless steel but is actually just plastic… minor first-world complaint aside, HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED!

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