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Whirlpool Corporation in Benton Harbor, Michigan and continues to leave thousands of people unemployed worldwide. The residents of Benton Harbor was. Jacuzzi outsourcing the work, which has suffered added to the 60 per cent unemployment Marina Portnaya reported as being injured Whirlpool Benton Harbor.

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  1. iamfredaa says:

    We need to stop outsourcing, because the United States, in order to keep jobs for the American people. Or if the U.S. government can not these, they should increase the tax rate to 50% for people who are not U.S. citizens, but working in the U.S. to help the U.S. central bank, the Federal Deficit with us now.

  2. BJJonthebeach says:

    I am not arguing with you on this point. But I never said anything about the interest, yet I used to erklären.Ich interest may be something todo with inflating the money supply also read the dot gov websites, and already have. Lots of good info. But, say these sites are not a how to lick these effects budgets or accounting side money. That’s what’s really important.

  3. luvcheney1 says:

    Of the Federal Reserve dot gov website “trigger changes in the federal funds rate a chain of events, the other current foreign exchange rates, long-term interest rates that affect the quantity of money and credit” AMOUNT OF MONEY and credit.

  4. BJJonthebeach says:

    Ok, I get it now. You are good at reading things on the Internet, but you know nothing about the accounting side of the Wirtschaft.Doch read the online stuff, there are a lot of good stuff out there. But, if you really understand what’s going on, take a closer look at the financial side of the economy. You will then begin to understand what’s going on. Until then, keep up the good work!

  5. evernetherall says:

    Oh & wutta PAIR they made, right? No fine bedfellows in God awful. But hey thx 4-mention their self-enriching rotton legislation. Dodd said Turkey was a dirty worm since its maiden political office purchases. My first “Intro” to his sick ‘tricksterisms was “not in the late ’09. Memree had, but especially 2-do-with him pushing an invasive and nasty GMO thing thru congress But since his name with Barney Frank Awwe ‘paired up’ geez, it just really breaks [llol]. BJJ Good info … thx.

  6. luvcheney1 says:

    From Library of Economics & Liberty, “Fed Reserve is the most important determinant of the money supply. Fed Res affects money supply by influencing their main component, bank deposits.” “Fed Res reserves lending controls to depository institutions and changing Res Fed discount rate, and these loans through open market operations,” “In order to increase reserves, Fed Res U.S. government bond purchases by writing a check drawn on itself.” I give up, read a book or something for God’s sake.

  7. BJJonthebeach says:

    They are always ahead of you. Slow down and read our conversation. I have nothing is said about Zinssätze.Meine whole premise that the banks. Inflating the money supply with the help of the MBS They tell me that I do not understand, but then only on ranting about something else halten.Auch when prices are low, can not give the banks, because the Dodd-Frank legislation, which it almost impossible for someone for a loan qualify is.

  8. luvcheney1 says:

    Thank you my point for me. “There they are assets, banks can borrow money from the Fed (increasing the money supply out of thin air), thus increasing their leverage.” The Fed has very deliberately interest rates very low. We know that low prices encourage borrowing, dont we? As you said, added to the financial market crisis, because the Fed wants to borrow. If they do not, they would prices go high enough to stop him.

  9. BJJonthebeach says:

    The part you do not understand, and I have tried to point out that derivatives can be used as assets on bank balance sheets. Since they are assets to the banks of the Fed’s money (increasing the money supply out of nothing) to borrow in order to increase their leverage on the new “assets” they have on their balance sheets is not basieren.Fractional Reserve bad, but with fake “assets “in the balance sheet is a problem.

  10. luvcheney1 says:

    Diverting Rivers has consequences, especially in the area it would have been, if not redirected. People organized in companies and for good reason. Our personal safety of others, both internally (thieves) and external (armies of other nations) and legal requirements such as contract enforcement, dispute resolution in civil matters, etc. Govt created to do what people do couldnt even . Tax rates in 1950’s 91% personal, 2000’s 35%, yet revenue to Govt about 17.4% of GDP.

  11. natechomnicorp says:

    A river does not voluntarily donate or water to an irrigation ditch but it “flows” into the ditch all the same. Private companies do not deserve this capital independently on public investment in infrastructure, education, legal protection exist … The productivity of capital is much larger then the public good, for example, invested in a fourth mansion, although both create jobs. Negative incentives are a factor. I fervently refute the idea that Govt spending adds nothing that is wrong.

  12. luvcheney1 says:

    Money does not “flow” anyway in the public sector at all, on their own. Arent taxes voluntarily, and most people arent donating the govt. If the money is created in the private sector, where it was initially earned and left, it is saved or spent, or to be so productive. Govt to spend up with nothing added and creates disincentives.

  13. natechomnicorp says:

    I note that the tax a factor in enticing international investment in manufacturing and other factors, which I have written in another comment on this page, the value of currency and labor standards and expectations. When it comes to the flow of capital, I would say that it flows into reinvestment, or possibly luxury like mansions and planes or flow are issued to the Treasury on roads, schools and / or war machines, each of these scenarios creates jobs and demand.

  14. luvcheney1 says:

    If these derivatives get sold, they will be exchanged for existing money. Would you think that if I sold my car, I invested money? So please dont say you are in understanding and I `m not trying to give you a hard time, but your nonsense you the fallacy that banks made to increase the money supply. They multiply money, but do not create. If the Fed stopped NOW money creation, they give it wouldnt stop growing. Existing money supply has already been extended by fractional reserve

  15. BJJonthebeach says:

    I understand the amount of money # s CDOs and CDSs should not be counted in the money supply calculations, but they eventually get sold, and then part of the money supply. Not sell short the MBS, they will eventually lead to terrible inflation …

  16. BJJonthebeach says:

    No, CDOs and CDSs were used as assets on the banks balance sheets. Accounting rules have changed in recent years. “Assets” as far as accounting goes, is sold very flexibel.Dann the crap on the Fed, and now it’s on the Fed’s balance sheet. The Fed has bought about $ 2 trillion of MBS by banks. Not sure where the other $ 14 trillion is on the FBI’s balance sheet, but it is likely CDOs and CDSs.

  17. luvcheney1 says:

    Companies in competition with others. Capital flows where returns are higher. If taxes were cut, would undoubtedly try business, the extra bag. However, this would mean that all of a sudden. Companies that would have the cuts be more profitable than those who did not (If small business, or green, or oil etc, directed, and of course U.S. operations). In other words, to increase profit cuts, additional gain more capital, more capital financed expansion attracts, and the offer is more

  18. luvcheney1 says:

    Post 2) Here is a definition of M-L. M-1 is the narrowest, M-2, added things has added M-3 things to M-2, was added ML things to M-3. “ML comprises M2 plus assets in large time deposits, Euro Dollar, institutional money market funds only., The largest group, L includes M3, plus assets such as private holdings of U.S. savings bonds, short-term U.S. Treasury bills and commercial paper.” No mortgages, CDO’s, etc.

  19. luvcheney1 says:

    Difference between cash securing cash reserves is (at 10% over a certain amount), and reserves backing CDO’s and CDS’s!. CDO’s and CDS’s are not part of the money supply, they arent cash. These assets were the ones you refer to when you say 50-1. If house prices were steadily for many years, and houses are collateral for mortgages, called pockets of mortgage JUNK not fair. If they are secured by default. The BUBBLE made her garbage when it bursts. Bubble is the problem.

  20. BJJonthebeach says:

    2.Using part of the 2008 bailout banks, banks were given a lot of money and uses it to buy Treasuries as well, thus adding “assets” on their account, so their leverage Ratio.Die leverage ratios that were investment banks (JP Morgan at 100:1) was cash they used to pump the commodity markets. Their “assets” were the junk CDOs and CDSs, ie where the problems you kamen.Können explain more or less tell me what I already know. What I mix 2 parts?

  21. BJJonthebeach says:

    There are a few things that you have to look auf.Banking changed what it considers “assets”. The Fed’s assets are now U.S. Treasuries (about $ 14 trillion right now). If all you to buy up Treasuries, then it is very simple, sufficient assets to back up your “cash” to be haben.Einlagen now. As assets on the Bankbilanzen.Cont

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