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25 thoughts on “2011 iMac 27″ 3.4 GHZ Review

  1. 800hennessy says:

    @NATB100 Well I’m not much of a gamer, more of a video editing person. However I put GTA IV on it for about a month and I think that’s a pretty graphic intensive game but I’m not really sure. I only have the single gig video card (which I really regret getting instead of the 2…..) and I think if I remember right could play GTA on full specs at 1920×1080 and had to lower the settings just a hair (and I mean just a hair) to play at the full iMac resolution. But again it’s been awhile.

  2. NATB100 says:

    I’m a little worried the iMac I ordered will be too slow. I’ve always been a Mac user, but I was thinking of buying a gaming PC, only I decided to once again go with a Mac. I chose the iMac 27″, i7 3.4GHz with the 2GB of AMD Radeon 6970M VRAM and 4GB RAM. The video card is usually made for mobile laptops, as it can be found in Alienware’s high spec laptops. I’m worried that it won’t be fast enough to run Crysis 2 and the Sims 3 on the highest settings, any thoughts?

  3. 800hennessy says:

    @TragicTopGun50 First of all. Saying trolling makes you a complete fag. Don’t talk to me about stupid, have fun getting 250 frames per second while you can see about 60 fps. I didn’t buy this as a gaming computer. You know, because I have friends and do actual fun things. I was making the comparison because everyone seems to think it’s impossible to play anything on a Mac.

  4. TragicTopGun50 says:

    I don’t know if your trolling or just stupid when you get into talking about gaming on a Mac vs a PC….. Sure a Mac has a nice resolution…. But only runs games at around 100 or lower frames…… I’m happy with hitting 250 frames on my pc……

  5. 800hennessy says:

    @TurkishStyles52 I think there is a little box thing you can buy that will make it usable as a monitor. I know you can use that box to play xbox or PS3 on it.

  6. maslennikovyv says:

    Your comp did well in windows test. Ive got my i5 @ 2.67 GHz and DDR3 3 GB RAM
    Scores are:
    7.3 For proc
    7.3 RAM
    5.7 Graph
    7.3 Gaming Graph
    5.9 Data
    Lol why so low

  7. 800hennessy says:

    @JRillan After going to the website I’ve decided I’m going to do the 4X4 16 gig upgrade for $140ish. And I will be reposting a video to show the difference. It’s probably going to be a little while though lol. I need many new things before that….hahah.

  8. JRillan says:

    @800hennessy Hehe :), no problem! Just remember, there’s a total of 4 memory slots and apple uses the first 2. We own two owc Qx2 enclosures. My father runs 24gb of owc ram in his Mac Pro (overkill, imo). I’m personally happy with 8 gbs total. They’re cheap so its your choice. Let us know how it goes :).

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