27-inch iMac Unboxing (Late '12)

Unboxing my new (late 2012) 27-inch iMac. Ram Upgrade and first boat videos coming soon!

27 “iMac (Late 2012) 32GB RAM Upgrade (How To & Guide) 32 GB RAM through Apple on the new 27” iMacs running an additional 0, and I’ll show you how to sav …
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27 thoughts on “27-inch iMac Unboxing (Late ’12)

  1. Kevin Oropeza says:

    my question is this, and if anyone can answer them. Can you leave the ram in it that came with the iMac and just simply more ram from a 3rd party to have it at 32? ·

  2. Dan Martland says:

    I would like to do so. Amazon just clicked your link and its only $ 125 for 16GB $ 160 for 32GB rather than as you mentioned in the video. Does that sound right to you?

  3. mitttube says:

    Hey Jonathan! im getting 32gb for my imac, its between Corsair and Kingston, which is better? what is the difference? Here in Sweden, the Kingston is about 6 dollars more expensive per stick …

  4. UncleAir says:

    It’s that simple wtf Apple store to do $ 600? Absurd, this will save me some money when I almost bought one of them installed with the Mac 32MB off-site, I’m just a policeman from Bestbuy and do what you have done, thank you

  5. TheRazorEater says:

    My Mac had just replaced and almost made the mistake to pay extra money for the 16GB RAM. This just saved me a ton! I’m with the 32GB going now. I had the impression that the new iMac 27 “does not have this” door “. 21.5 The” had to be done through Apple or you had to take off the entire LCD, etc. Thank you!

  6. TheForgeShow says:

    Apple Care is still cover your Mac if you. Upgrades in it You just have to change back to the original ram if you only if they were the problem, had to take it.

  7. Donald Sprouse says:

    That was awesome …. Some other items that you are going to instruct were spoken. When will you do this? I enjoyed your assembly instructions for the 32GB

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