9 iMac Review for Educational Institutions – Apple has a new iMac for schools for 9 starting today. Is it adequate? I do a quick review. 9 iMac for Educational Institutions (schools): wt1.me Typical School Vendor Pricing for PC’s (monitor not included): www.csc.cps.k12.il.us NEW AUDIO PODCAST Episode! wt1.me Google+: wt1.me Twitter: twitter.com Tech Podcast: lifepluggedin.com Support me! Netflix One FREE Month! wt1.me Gamefly: One FREE Month! wt1.me Credits! Outro performed by Charlie Puth: www.youtube.com sssSTOP IT! by youtube.com How tosubmit a “sssSTOP IT!” Clip! 1. Leave it as a video response to today’s video. 2. If yours doesn’t get chosen, leave it as a video response to the most RECENT video daily until yours gets chosen!
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25 thoughts on “$999 iMac for Schools Thoughts

  1. apple8091 says:

    We have lots of Macs around my school that run OS X snow leopard and one OS X Lion. And one for public I go there all the time. But classrooms in my schools use Ubuntu which sucks.

  2. Crashandburn999 says:

    That is such a SHIT computer for $999. I paid $599 for my pc and here are its specs.

    i5 quad core 3.1GHz (overclocks to 3.5GHz)
    8GB DDR3 1333 MHz ram
    GTX 260 896mb
    1TB hard drive + 500GB hard drive
    sata 3.0
    2x usb 3.0 (rest are 2.0)

    Runs any game max settings. Battlefield 3 had to lower resolution to 1366 x 768, but thats it. Even skyrim runs perfect on max settings, including resolution.

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