UBoard will give you a brand new experience. Whatever your job maybe, UBoard  will simplify your working environment and help you to reduce the working time. Additionally, U-Board’s simple and slim design will fit perfectly into your desk top. 

Product Name : U-Board Basic

* Material : Tempered Glass, Frame-ABS

* Size : 555x210x80mm

* Weight : 1.6kg

* Made in Korea

* Product Company: Sunnone

Package Includes

1 pcs – Tempered Glass

2 pcs – Frame

1 pcs – Cup & Memo Holder

1 pcs – iPhone/ Smart Phone Holder

4 pcs – Screw

4 pcs – Screw Cover

4 pcs – Rubber


* Do not place monitors or objects that are heavier than 15kg (weight reference :20-inch iMac 18.4 pounds (8.3 kg)/ 24-inch iMac 25 pounds (11.3 kg).

* Do not sit or stand on it.

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