Compact and convenient, the Apple USB SuperDrive connects to your MacBook Pro with Retina display, MacBook Air, or Mac mini with a single USB cable and fits easily into a travel bag. It lets you install software and play and burn both CDs and DVDs, including double-layer DVDs.
* Everything you need in an optical drive. Whether you’re at the office or on the road, you can play and burn both CDs and DVDs with the Apple USB SuperDrive. It’s perfect when youwant to watch a DVD movie, install software, create backup discs, and more.
* Take it anywhere. Only slightly bigger than a CD case, the Apple USB SuperDrive slips easily into your travel bag when you hit the road and takes up little space on yourdesk or tray table when you’re working.
* The essence of simplicity. You’ll never have to worry about lost cables with the Apple USB SuperDrive. Itconnects to your MacBook Pro with Retina display,MacBook Air, or Mac mini with a single USB cable that’s built into the SuperDrive. There’s no separate power adapter, and it works whether your Mac is plugged in or running on battery power.
Slot-loading 8x SuperDrive (DVDA±R DL/DVDA±RW/CD-RW)
Writes DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL discs at up to 6x speed
Writes DVD-R and DVD+R discs at up to 8x speed
Writes DVD-RW discs at up to 6x speed and DVD+RW discs at up to 8x speed
Reads DVDs at up to 8x speed
Writes CD-R discs atup to 24x speed
Writes CD-RW discs at up to 16xspeed
Reads CDs at up to 24x speed
Size: 5.47x 5.47 x 0.67 inches; 139 x 139 x 17 mm
Weight:0.74 pound; 335 grams

3 thoughts on “Apple USB Superdrive

  1. DJMoody says:

    A rebranded Air Superdrive, but efficient nonetheless Update: Not quite complete rebrand This “Apple USB Superdrive” is basically the exact same thing as “Apple Macbook Air USB Superdrive”, except with the new Macbook pro’s shipping out without an internal disc drive, they just decided to drop the “Air” from the Superdrive.What is wonderful about this drive is that it only requires one USB Port. Often you’ll find external drives requiring 2 USB ports, one for Power, and one for data. On a laptop with as few USB Ports as Apple ships with, this is borderline unacceptable. As a computer Engineer, I need at least 1 port free for various interfaces, so an external drive that requires both my usb ports just wont work.Design: While I have my gripes about Apple, build quality is not one of them. This thing is sturdy, thin, and requires a minimal amount of desk space. I actually fashioned a “bookstand” like enclosure which makes it vertical, which means it takes up even less desk real estate.Speed: I didn’t notice any major difference in speed…

  2. DragonBoy says:

    Functional, within limits The new Mac Mini desktops no longer have a superdrive. I bought this USB external to go with my Mini used as an HTPC. It is nice aesthetically, has a slot-load, and fits very cleanly into my setup. Funtionally, I have had no problems with this drive. It has played every disc I have used in it and successfully burned all writeable/rewriteable media without making any drink coasters. There are a few things I think others should know before they buy:1. The drive must be directly connected to the Mac. A USB hub will not work. I have tested it with several USB hubs and the drive will not function. I was told that this is due to the drive’s firmware limitations only allowing itself to work with Mini or Air products.2. The USB cable is extremely short, just a few inches long. This is not in any pictures or mentioned in any specifications on Amazon. Combine this with #1 and you must have the drive in the immediate vicity of the Mini (or Air). If you’re like…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Apple’s Stylish New USB Superdrive: Easy to Use Apple’s new USB Superdrive looks identical to the older model. Setup is quick: just plug right in and go.It is made for the current Mac Mini, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook Retina Display, which do not have built-in optical drives.The bottom is slightly grippy, which helps keep it from sliding. It has a nice footprint, slightly larger than a DVD. The aluminum top is stylish. It would travel well.It works great with both audio CDs and video DVDs. Easy to use.I would like a longer USB cable, as it would be nice to have the option to set the drive aside when I am watching a movie. Note: Just like the previous generation, the USB cable is non-removable. If the USB cable fails, the device fails. It would be nice if the two were separate.For Apple’s dazzling new Retina display MacBooks with their 2880 x 1880 display, it would be nice to see Apple support Blu-ray and 1080p for this Superdrive.Overall, a functional and…

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