question of ghostrecon985 : How do I get my PS3 cant connect to my iMac and get an internet connection
My iMac gets internet through wireless and I want to connect my PS3 to my Mac with an Ethernet cable. Among internet sharing I go “share this computer’s Internet connection from the airport to computers connected via Ethernet. But my PS3 will say in any case that there is a DNS error. A tips or steps? Best Answer:

response from 1080pete
get to my ps3 online all I did was with the Network Settings option in the PS3 settings. First I pressed scan then waited to get my network name, it asks then chose WPA or other type of WPA encryption mine is so I goes in and I’m going online. If you need help figuring out what your WPA key is to use this program, find it on your iMac, you enter it into your ps3, if you are prompted. Here is the link hope it works PS3 has Wi-Fi, so it does not need to hard-wired and can drain the router that you Your current network settings on your iMac unless of course you do not have a router, and its in the imac, which in this case I will not know what to suggest, as I do not know anything about iMacs.

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