Upgrading a 1GB 2.4 iMAC to 4GB of ram. Less than 5 minutes.
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25 thoughts on “How to install iMAC Ram Upgrade in under 5 Minutes

  1. Hokrollo1 says:

    It’s not certain that your computer supports 8 GB. Also as far as I know Mac’s do not require a lot of memory for general use (like Windows 64bits does). So as there won’t be a huge difference anyway I strongly suggest you to find out whether your machine supports it. System Profiler I heard should work (as I do not own a Mac myself), else check some of the Mac forums around.

  2. mmm00102 says:

    So, how does this work? Did you use (2) 2 GB memory slots? If I bought (2) 4 GB slots for each side from apple.com does that mean I will have a total of 8GB of Memory? I saw once, someone had 12GB on an iMac! That is a lot. I think it was a Snow Leopard versions though, I want to upgrade to Lion but I only have an Intel Core 2 duo with 4GB RAM, and it takes FOREVER just to try and download the Lion app… any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU! 🙂

  3. GamerOnline777 says:

    OMGOMG THANKYOU!! i’ve been looking for a video just like this for almost the whole day!!! so glad you decided to make it!! My dad and I spent about an hour trying to install my RAM and i just this second realised that we didn’t push the cards in hard enough and i’m in such a good mood!! thankyou againn!!!! 🙂

  4. FenrirLupus says:

    @OfficialNandyJ The idea that any computer won’t get slow is ridiculous, and you can get decent sound cards for pc’s… if you’re really concerned about sound quality, you can grab an apogee duet 2 and plug some decent speakers into that… or you could go the usb speaker route and get some focal xs speakers…

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