Replacing the hard drive in an aluminum Intel iMac is not nearly as hard as you might think it is. This video will Show you how to replace the hard drive on your aluminum Intel iMac. Find a repair guide for your iMac here Find all the tools you will need to do your repair here Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at

If you’ve got dust behind the glass on an iMac, here’s how to remove it easily for cleaning. I’ve tried getting an answer from Apple about whether this voids the warranty. The answer was “err…” so you should assume that this DOES void the warranty. That being said, I don’t know how anyone would know that you’d removed the screen, so let’s just keep it to ourselves shall we? ;o) Do this at your own risk. There’s only one potential hazard that I can imagine (and no-one has reported it being a problem) – the screen cover is held in place with magnets and 4 “locator pins” which fit into holes around the LCD. If you were to pull the screen cover away from the top only and keep going while leaving the bottom in place, you might be able to bend the bottom locator pin. However, you’d have to apply considerable force and thus you’d have to be a doofus – in which case you wouldn’t own a Mac in the first place. Only Windows users are doofii. (Doofii is the plural of Doofus). Just take your time, be gentle and you’ll be fine. Cheers, Ian
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50 thoughts on “How To: Intel iMac Hard Drive Replacement

  1. jazzroom says:

    Hi, My 2008 Intel Aluminium iMac’s Hard Drive just totally died… need urgently purchase a New one.
    You’ve mentioned that iMacs bult before the late 2009 don’t need specific HD’s? I am a bit undecided ….. what good brand and type i should get? thanks in advance for any tips

  2. iFixitYourself says:

    @TheLivingDeadOne Thank you for sharing! I’m impressed with your use of common sense in familiarizing your repair guide BEFORE you began the repair! Maybe you should make a series of instructional videos on common-sense topics! 🙂

  3. TheLivingDeadOne says:

    These idiots comments do not reflect all viewers. Based on your instructions and website, I was able to replace my 2009+ Imac HD knowing what to do BEFORE I started. I’d like to thank you for showing how easy it is. It took me 15 minutes if that, Not counting the trip to the store to purchase the HD. The hardest part was removing any dust that may have settled on the screen. EASY EASY EASY. Thanks.

  4. raazan1128 says:

    thanks man… thought I’d have to take mine to Apple support, but it’s just a week out of warranty.

    I guess the strangest thing is that this is such a problem that you had to make video about it. Bad on Apple’s part.

  5. IrixGuy says:

    Great video! I’ve got my cotton gloves and am about ready to attempt this myself. I’ve been putting it off but it has gotten to be really bad. I still have no clue why Apple didn’t notice and fix the horrible design flaw. My old school HD Cinema Display has no dust in it and it is over 10 years old.

  6. UMABeautyEdgbaston says:

    @adlsfreund Hi, the front cover isn’t a sealed unit on the iMac, so over time, dust gets behind the outer screen and can only be cleaned off by removing the outer cover.

  7. chat2ian says:

    @Biffo347 Thx for watching. I have stated multiple times in big capital letters that you should assume that this voids the warranty ;o) As for my particular machine, it’s out of warranty anyway.

  8. Biffo347 says:

    Yes good video. You are definitely breaking the warranty. I had my iMac sent away four times,and the screen was replaced three times,and the fourth was the graphics card. I asked this question to the Apple tech guy,and he said yes you are,some of the reasons are listed below. In your answer you said they won`t even know you did it. Well the answer to that is you have just made a video,and somebody is bound to ask Apple. The other thing is there is another screen behind that one.

  9. itoako61 says:

    @Biffo347 I believe that’s not true. Warranty is not void for cleaning your unit. You’re not breaking or removing screws. You’re just pulling the screen & they won’t even know you did it. There is no security tag on it.

  10. itoako61 says:

    @borisbrain You serious using a sink plunger? After watching this vid, i’m gonna use mg GPS navigator suction cup.. I think it’s better if we use two suction cups

  11. itoako61 says:

    after almost a year, my iMac 27 i7 got huge condensation right in the middle of the screen. It’s a big foot print. It went away after i turned off overnight but i’m worried it might come back. i’ve read some issue like this that fog came back same spot.
    Do you think cleaning it like this will do the trick?


  12. Biffo347 says:

    Yes it is a good video easy even for me. The issue is however if you do this you are Definitely breaking the Warranty, and any future problem, Apple will not touch it. You do so at your own risk.

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