I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas commercial for the imac. I modeled the imac in Maya 8.5 and rendered with multilight in Maxwell Render. The video is silly, and just for fun. Hopefully it makes some of you laugh. A higher resolution version is available here: www.ragusmedia.com (16 mb) Music: “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” The Hit Crew Disco Christmas Album On another note, do you like RC Airplanes? You can build them really cheap! www.buildafoamie.com

iMac 27

As requested by you guys, I will test out CS5 on the new iMac 27″ (2011). Stay tuned for the rest of the series! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – iGlaswegian on iTunes: itunes.apple.com ******************* Would appreciate if you guys could check my new venture out: www.ayegear.com iGlaswegian T-shirts http Visit my site: www.iglaswegian.com Twitter www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com FlickR Gallery: www.flickr.com My OTHER YouTube channel: www.youtube.com apple imac 27 2011 photoshop CS5 image software pro designer photo shop new 3.1 quad core i5 3rd may powerful ATI AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1GB GDDR5 1tb initial thoughts glasgow theunits3 iglaswegian scottish scotland reviewer steve jobs tim cook phil schiller mac OSx lion

50 thoughts on “imac Christmas Commercial

  1. viper7ryan says:

    Slow to respond. I never said Adobe anything! maybe you should start 1st grade again. I was talking about the AE Trial! and whats up with the name? ORUPRANKSTAZ O R U Prankstaz! that is the stupidest name ive ever heard.

  2. mitchrichie says:

    Motion Tracking wasn’t applicable in this test. However I’ve started playing with an open source tracker “Voodoo.” I’ll post some tests in a few days.

  3. viper7ryan says:

    SHIT!!! i’m wrong!!! lets just say i got the company right! lol!!! hey well at least we also agree which os is better Mac or Pc? Mac no doubt about it. and i didn’t technically lie. i… i… was going to email you but then i got an email from someone else and they said 3dsmax ya thats it… so i didn’t lie i thought that email was from you… Macs Rule!!!

  4. felipescalador says:

    hey mate.. I also got the 27 imac. And the screen is just beautiful but with the native resolution everything is too f%”# small. I am a begginer in photoshop so in your opinion do you lose by working on 1900 x 1080 vs the imac 27 native resolution?? thanks in advance

  5. unlokia says:

    @matt123roll “filters aren’t really CPU intensive and anyone who uses photo shop on a daily basis will tell you no one actually uses them” – really? Well you’re evidently not the “professional” Ps user that you purport to be, in this case. Talking out of your hat, much?

  6. theunits3 says:

    @Digikid2007 still wouldn’t be ‘fair’ – the CPU and graphics card are better on the new one… so you want me to take them out too? Ofcourse the new imac will be faster in any respect.

  7. Digikid2007 says:

    Sorry mate but this was NOT a fair test. Bring the 2010 down to the SAME amount or RAM and you will have a fair test. It is not about the CPU with Photoshop….it is about the RAM. You are comparing a iMac with 12GB of ram to one with a slightly faster CPU but with 4GB of ram….all this test proves is that if you upgrade to 12GB of ram that you will have a machine which is 97% that of a new iMac. Quite a money saver indeed.

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