Apple video about the new iMac
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Here is the review for Apple’s new lineup of iMacs featuring its new 27 inch model with the new Intel Sandybridge chipsets and the Radeon 6000 series graphics. This model also includes two Thunderbolt ports which were jointly developed by Apple and Intel. apple iMac sandybridge apple iMac sandybridge apple iMac Intel Sandybridge apple iMac Intel Sandybridge
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “New Apple iMac

  1. mikesmichael1991 says:

    I HATE THOSE PEOPLE that keeps on comparing an iMac to Windows machine. I hate the fact that price is a big deal for them. May I remind everyone that iMac is an ALL-IN-ONE Computing Device meaning you have everything there! From webcam, speakers, display, etc. If you will compare the price of iMac vs Windows Machine. Please include everything. Dont just talk about the processor, rams, hdd prices etc. Include everything that an iMac have and build it to a windows machine then compare the price!

  2. 5876mg says:

    I went to the Apple Store yesterday and my dad was happy because I told him all the info about the Macs, iPods, and the iPad 2. He was so interested, he asked questions about it. The guy said it won’t get viruses. 🙂

  3. MrPlasticbagman12 says:

    Hi, I have a question, I bought my 13 year old son an iMac for his Birthday it has 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD, an I on the other hand have a 12 core 32GB RAM Mac Pro, and we have the same stuff on there (I copied the stuff from mine to his) and they seem to work the same. Why is this? Everything loads up the same apart from the OS. Is there something wrong with mine???

  4. JosephCee says:

    goddamn, nothing beats frikkin’ apple, seriously. awesome performance, features, and just looks so damn good and sleek. people always talk crap about how apple is overly expensive but i was looking at dell the other day and they’re the same damn price and not as good as specs as apple. or looks as good.

  5. godsstruggler says:

    Was going to get one of these until it was revealed that many users are still having screen burn problems along with the wireless bugs that are making browsing an absolute pain. Apple have developed a rotten core this last two years – even their staff are admitting that build quality has been sacrificed at the altar of profit margin.

  6. Theshadowavanger64 says:

    As he said it may not be good for gaming i’m still getting it. I mean with such HIGH PERFORMANCE AND GRAPHICS, i’d say it would be really good and awesome for when i play tf2

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