iPad 2 Vs. iPad 1 – Worth the Cost? For all your tech news: www.technobuffalo.com iPad 2 Camera Test www.technobuffalo.com With the iPad 2 officially out, now it’s time for the inevitable comparisons to begin, and is there any place better to start than with its own older sibling? Yes, it’s a family feud as the iPad 2 vs. iPad 1. While we’ve written an iPad 2 vs. iPad 1 throwdown – where you can read all of the tech specs for both models – it’s a whole different ball game to see them pitted against one another on video. We’ll see how our new white Verizon 32GB iPad 2 fares against our AT&T 32GB iPad 1 physically, and then in the less obvious ways. Whether it be opening the same apps, loading webpages or any other number of activities, we’ll see if the A5 processor makes a real difference over last year’s A4. It’s never pretty to see a family fight, but somehow we think you won’t mind seeing it this one time. What do you think of the difference between the models?
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25 thoughts on “iPad 2 vs. iPad (Original)

  1. zynga1996 says:

    the ipad 3 will prob come out sometime next year on march, if apple does what they did last time you could always sell it and then buy an ipad 3 if you want it that bad.

    @carolSpooners, you can actually still get an iPad 2 for Free, simply google for: freeipad2giveaways.info

    My 21 years cousin just received one!

  2. frowerhousestudios says:

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  3. Rededify says:

    @bigblindarrow Definitely the iPad 2 if you want more applications and Apple’s UI, but if you want Android and less apps but more customization, then the Galaxy Tab.

  4. bigblindarrow says:

    Hi, I want to get a tablet but I’m not sure what to get. I am also in Australia. There are two options that i am really thinking about, and that is the iPad 2 and the galaxy tab 10.1. Which is better?

  5. EsfuerzosSovieticos says:

    I don’t own a tablet but I’m thinking of getting one. I would rather for the iPad 1st generation for various reasons. The tablet is actually pretty big and I wouldn’t want to carry it around taking pictures or video with it. The iPad 2 might be faster but the speed is not worth upgrading for, at least not for me. The square-ish design of the iPad 1 is much better. Again these are my opinions.

  6. EddyPerjan says:

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