Cashing Out: Week of December 11th – 17th 2011 in Online Marketing News
According to a different TechCrunch article, “the Kindle family is actually outpacing the iPad's post-launch sales rate. The iPad 2 saw a blockbuster initial first weekend with a million estimated sales but Apple quickly ran out of stock, …
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Drawn: Dark Flight for iPad Review
Over the summer, shortly after I got my iPad 2, I began to play the hidden object games available from Big Fish Games. My favorite of them was Drawn: the Painted Tower. It chronicled events in the life of a girl named Iris who is locked away in a tower …
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Behind the Scenes Of The Epic Infinity Blade II Game For Apple iPhone 4S and
Infinity Blade became a global hit across iPhone and iPad devices over the past year. And now the team of about a dozen are ready to unleash the much larger sequel, Infinity Blade II, to gamers on the new iPhone 4S and other Apple devices. …
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LA Noire on iPad 2 and Android tablets thanks to OnLive
Rockstar games have confirmed that they will be bringing one of the games of the year, LA Noire to OnLive which means you'll be able to play the game on iPad 2 and Android tablet as well as at home. T3 were able to get a full OnLive for iPad 2 hands on …
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