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iPad 2
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Apple Lowers Price of Refurbished iPad 2 Models
With just a few weeks left until Christmas, Apple has decided to slash prices on its refurbished products, more specifically the iPad 2. Apple is cutting the prices on the refurbished models of the iPad 2 by a whopping $ 80, which means that a normally …
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Fuego's River Adventure from Crimson Apps uses the iPad 2's front-facing camera to create a Kinect-like gaming experience. The concept is simple. Fuego is a young lad with Sideshow Bob hair. He floats down a river, collecting golden orbs, and avoiding …
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6 Reasons Apple Won't Rally in 2012
The original iPad came out in April of last year. The iPad 2 followed 10 months later in February of this year. It would be a shock if Apple doesn't hit the market with an updated tablet early next year. Yes, the iPad 3 is going to up the ante. …
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