2 thoughts on “AmazonBasics Micro USB to Lightning Adapter (Apple Certified)

  1. ogenmatic says:

    Could be better… The item works and seems to be well made, BUT a better design would ensure that it fits through more phone cases. I have an iPhone 6 plus and the following cases: Rhinoshield (by Evolutive Labs), Sahara, and Tungsten by Ballistic. This adapter measures 6mm x 11mm (1/4″ x 7/16″) and the 6mm thickness only fits through the opening on the Ballistic case. The 11mm width is not a problem.In comparison, the OEM Apple cords measure 4.75mm x 8mm (3/16″ x 5/16″).My solution was to carefully file down both sides of the adapter 1/4″ or so back from the lightening end until it fits through the other two iPhone cases. I’ve done this with other charging cords using a sharp utility knife but this needed to be filed as it is hard plastic.For the life of me I do not understand why manufacturers don’t simply save some plastic and make things that plug into phones small enough to go through the cases we inevitably put on them. Original Apple cables…

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