The iPad and new tablet technology are revolutionizing how and where we view entertainment. CTA Digital’s Pedestal Stand for iPad provides a convenient way to comfortably enjoy apps, eBooks, videos and web browsing at home. The bendable gooseneck stand allows you to adjust to any viewing angle, orientation or position you may need and securely holds the iPad. Simply slide and snap the iPad into the padded stand. The elegant chrome pedestal also features an optional toilet paper roll holder and a solid heavyweight base that will stay in place. So add luxury and convenience to your décor with CTA Digital’s Pedestal Stand for iPad. Specifications: – Compatible with iPad 2 and iPad (3rd and 4th Generation) – Up to 32” tall with flexible 10” metal gooseneck stand – Base Diameter: 7.5” – Weight: 7.25 lbs. – Package Includes: (1) Pedestal Stand for iPad with Roll Holder

2 thoughts on “CTA Digital Pedestal Stand for iPad 2/3/4 with Roll Holder (PAD-TSB)

  1. Jamie Zacarias says:

    CTA Digital Pedestal Stand for iPad 2/3/4 with Roll Holder gets two thumbs up from this customer! Women usually have such a problem admitting that we even have certain bathroom needs. Most of us would prefer no one knew we produced #2. For those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, life stops when the gurgling starts. I found the solution with the aid of this product and a few theater backdrops that have been cut down to size. No more missing important meetings while stuck on a cold and lonely throne. I dress in a business suit and Skype a pitch to the boss, while taking care of business of an entirely different manner at the same time, and no one is the wiser! All they see is me in a smart pinstripe Armani with a view of the Empire State behind me. If only they knew what was really going on back there! After my telecommute to work, I pull on the back drop and the Velcro releases New York City and puts me in a beautiful park. A quick half costume change (for which I stand to keep my legs from falling asleep), then I am running through lines with a few of my community…

  2. D. Nissley says:

    This item saved my life. The CTA Digital Pedestal Stand for iPad 2/3/4 with Roll Holder should be MANDATORY in every home. It saved my life and it could save yours.The day was Tuesday, October 22nd 2013. It was just an ordinary day in my life. Or so I thought. You see, I work at a factory which produces Hutzler 571 Banana Slicers. As you can imagine, business is good and we are incredibly busy with the holiday season approaching. I often work 60, some times even 80 hours a week and come home exhausted. As with any other Tuesday, I arrived home from my 16 hour shift and was promptly greeted by my lovely pet weasel named Muffins. After playing with Muffins for a few minutes, I felt that familiar, yet unwelcomed sensation in my stomach. I knew that nature was calling, and I had to answer.For those who don’t know, being in a factory makes receiving cell phone service difficult. The thick concrete walls and large metal machinery block the signal. Pair that with a long shift, and my phone…

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