This Digital mount allows you to securily hold your device in your car and is ideal for navigation , handsfree calling and listening to music. The gooseneck is flexible and robust to provide the best fit for your car while driving. No worries while on the road!

3 thoughts on “High Grade Adjustable Seat Bolt Car Mount Vehicle Handsfree Holder for Google Nexus 7 / Galaxy Tab 2, 3, 4, 5 / Asus Memopad / Verizon Ellipsis / iPad Mini and All 7-8 Inch Tablets w/ Robust Vibration Free Cradle

  1. Dan H says:

    Sits Low unless your’e willing to drill into your console.. The Good:Very rigid and stays in place without too much vibration. Holds the tablet well and swivels nicely.Considering that anything that mounted on an extension rod is going to be prone to vibration, this one does reasonably well.Good materials and well made.The Not So Good:Found it to be a bit too low for my Subaru outback when mounted to the seat bolt and holding a 7 to 8″ tablet.The edge of the tablet would run into the shift handle unless pushed into the passenger leg-space or oriented vertically.Could raise it if I wanted to mount it with the supplied hardware by drilling into the side of the floorboard/console hump but don’t want to do that just yet. I could see myself drilling through and nicking a transmission or O2 sensor wire or something. You’d have to crawl under the vehicle, make a guess as to where the holes will be and make sure you’re not drilling into something vital.Considering many cars and especially…

  2. David B. says:

    Good quality – clips could be better secured. Although not advertised as an Arkon product, this is what I received. It is well made and was complete. Installation was straightforward although this will depend on the vehicle and the skill of the installer.The gooseneck and hard bottom brackets better are better engineered and built than the upper device retainer (mount) itself. For instance, the clips that grasp the device slide into channels of the main body of the spring-loaded upper mount and can be adjusted clear device ports, buttons, etc. However, there are no detents to keep the clips correctly positioned within the channels. Instead, a slight tension fit is used to keep them in place. This fit will no doubt loosen over time with use and allow the clips to fall out of the channels. Indeed, already I’ve had one clip fall out and others get misaligned when inserting or removing a device.I’ll use a dab of clear or black RTV to hold my clips in place more securely but this will make changing the clips…

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