After some extended use of the new Apple Smart Cover, it seems that the microfiber liner tends to pick up oily residue from the screen. This is actually an advertised feature for the new iPad accessory, however, it appears that when closed the cover will transfer that residue back to a clean touch screen.

24 thoughts on “iPad 2 Smart Cover seems a grease trap, leaves marks behind (Discussion)

  1. Riosjonathon says:

    I just use a lint roller on the inside once a week at least on my leather smart cover and the problem never happens, plus I don’t eat or drink anything while using my iPad and I wash my hands frequently. iPad 2 is still spotless and I have had it since launch day. Take care of your things is all you have to do, but of course that is easier said than done for 90% of the population anyways.

  2. richpatch says:

    I gotta say, I’ve had an my smart cover on mine for over 6 months of pretty heavy use, and I don’t have this problem at all. Like, not even one bit.  Sure, there are channels where the cover doesn’t touch the screen, but I never even notice. I have no idea how you got your cover so nasty. The ‘self cleaning’ feature seemed way gimmicky to me on the launch, but it’s become my favorite feature.

  3. indiemuppet says:

    I see the point made in this video, however none of this is actually *damaging* the screen in the slightest – and these effects are pretty much invisible when the iPad is actually ‘on’ (which is the only time you’d have the screen revealed anyway with one of these, right?)

    Personally, for preventing scratches on the iPad as well as elevating it for typing and viewing videos, I find the Smart Covers fantastic.

  4. akibare says:

    I have this problem, happy to see it’s not just me! In my case I have a ZAGG screen protector on it so all I’ve messed up is the sticker, but still those stickers aren’t cheap! Unfortunately cleaning and scrubbing away at the sticker seems to do nothing – it’s permanently “dirty” discoloration just right where the grooves start on the cover (so not huge fat stripes of dirt, but just the outline of the squares, has dirt).

    I guess I’ll get a new sticker and maybe put something under the cover…

  5. bybriany says:

    It most certainly does leave marks on the screen because of oil trapped in the microfiber lining. This doesn’t just come from oil and grease from your hands. It also comes from the microfiber touching surfaces, particularly the table. That’s how it is with all microfiber cloths.

    It’s not limited to the Smart Cover though. I chose to use a full body case instead and it has the same problem with microfiber interior lining.

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