iPad hands-on Jan. 27, 2010. Credit: AppleInsider.com
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25 thoughts on “iPad hands-on: keyboard and VGA, camera accessories Jan. 27, 2010

  1. DeathToTheseWalls says:

    @atadenizaydin I hate to hear that man. That sucks for you. That’s why you buy 3rd-party chargers.

    I got 2 wall chargers, 2 car chargers, and 2 iPod USB cables for $4

  2. atadenizaydin says:

    @DeathToTheseWalls If you think these prices are high, you should see the prices in our country, a Macbook MagSafe charger is 150 $ and an Univeral iPod dock with a remote is 90 $

  3. pasrvrb says:

    @heyitsfred1000 i thing…not ‘cuz the bluetooth on the itouch 3g is for music only(bluetooth headphones only,not keyboard)
    SORRY,but this is the truth

  4. AnimationPlantation says:

    @jeffersonin1989 I don’t hate iPads but I hate the fact they charge you to buy an app on the iPAD for double if not more than the price of the exact same app on the iphone & in some cases the iphone apps are better for e.g ANGRY BIRDS

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