This hybrid dual layer case features the sturdiness of the plastic shell and the shock absorption of the silicone / rubber inner case;Designed to be protective, slim and sleek, this slim case provides a decent amount of protection without turning your iPod into a big, bulky brick;Fits well on your iPod, easy to put in and pull out; the Apple logo on the back is visible and the camera lens is not obstructed; the precise cutouts give you full access to ports, and sensitive button covers allow responsive presses.Package: 1 x Case for Apple iPod Touch 5 6th Generation.

3 thoughts on “iPod Touch 5 Case,iPod 5 Case,5th case,ULAK [Colorful Series] Slim Fit Protective iPod Touch Case 2-Piece Style Hybrid Hard Case Cover for Apple iPod touch 5 6th Generation (Aqua Mint/Grey)

  1. Donna says:

    A beautiful case but device charging difficulties This is a beautiful case! I had just ordered a new iPod 6, so I had to look for a case. Once I found this gold case, I quickly canceled my iPod order and then reordered it so that I could change it’s color to gold to match the case. The case is beautiful and fits the iPod perfectly, and the gold on the iPod that shows through the hole in the back of the case looks really nice and coordinated. The case looks so nice that I feel that I have to buy a case to protect the case!I knocked off a star because I have to take the case off every time I need to charge my iPod because a connection between the iPod and the charging cable is poor if I don’t; it won’t charge. Honestly, I don’t know if I should blame the case company or Apple for this. Apple should know that cases are used with their products and thus make the connecting part longer to fit through a case hole and still connect. The case manufacturer should also take into account the length of the charging attachment…

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