Although Steve shows only three items — Dock, Keyboard Dock, Case — there are two other items, as well, the Camera Connection Kit and 10W USB Power Adapter.
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Protect your iPad 2 + Giveaways & Discount code

Blunty3000 looks at some iPad accessories for protecting your gadget. + Discount codes and two cases to give-away. SGPstore; Skingard STEINHEIL screen protectors illusion softcase MAROO ‪ Use the Promo code ‪”blunty3000″ for a 10% discount at Discount code Valid untill the end of July 2011
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31 thoughts on “Jobs introduces the iPad accessories

  1. EricsTowing says:

    The keyboard needs (SD SLOT) (4 USB SLOTS) (Wireless Blue Tooth) All this is essential and could catapult the I-PAD to being the only computer system for the next 10 years which could make Apple the largest supplier of computers in the world.

    I am a business owner and the Panasonic Tough Book would be a “Dinosaur” with our needs.

    I hope someone reads my reply and forwards it to Apple.

  2. TREMAINE182 says:

    @JonasAndStuffDK95 I hate Apple as well, so much so that I brought the Xperia Arc instead of the iPhone, still, I did end up buying the iPad 2 about 3 days after writing that comment and I must say, I do love it!

  3. TREMAINE182 says:

    Blunty, I have an unlimited budget to purchase a tablet, my only intentions for the tablet is web browsing and watching videos – should i get the ipad, galaxy tab or bb playbook – ive watched all your reviews on each but cant decide – are they all as good as each other when it comes to the needs i have? does the ipads battery make it excel? id really appreciate a response, even if its just one word saying ‘ipad’ or ‘playbook’ etc. cheers, all the way from the UK, Ed 🙂

  4. aka08lewman says:

    I hate them both, I love free stuff though, so I love them because I can get free stuff by giving them to homeless children then selling the children to famous twats to abuse.
    Life goes on.

  5. riftalope says:

    @AndreaMGC OK, I’m not the only one to see that! Thanks. I was trying to ignore it and failing. (@Blunty It’s bad enough showing a Blunty vid to a friend and her wondering out loud what your butt looks like. Still can’t unthink!)

  6. JandJgameing says:

    i like my kindle because it has amazing battrylife ..but so dose my book
    BUT its very sturdy so is my book
    BUT the screen looks like paper …. so dose a book

  7. HiroJudgement says:

    I like my Kindle because I can read books like ‘Eragon’ in public without being lynched.

    Actually, scratch that- if I catch MYSELF reading books like ‘Eragon’, I may as well become an hero.

  8. Steph902 says:

    I love my Kindle because it’s the closest thing I have to a friend. It (or should I say Mr Kris Indle) entertains me and is always ready to play when I want to.

  9. BaezFamily4God says:

    Love my tab because i can read my Bible wherever I am at and as i am reading I can bless the life of others by charing my daily verse with then via text. Great device. Love your vids. Gid bless!

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