PencilCozy holds your Apple Pencil cap snugly and attaches to body of the pencil and doesn’t get in the way. You’ll never waste time searching for the cap again when it comes time to charge your pencil.

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  1. Nicholas Calderone says:

    Keep tabs on your Apple Pencil’s cap with PencilCozy With the addition of the iPad Pro, you have the Apple Pencil – a nifty device that allows you to have the closest to paper drawing experience around. The problem with the Apple Pencil is the cap that covers the Lightning plug on the pencil. Apple created a wonderful device but gives you no real way to help you keep from losing the little cap. I’ve heard a few stories over the past few months since the Apple Pencil came to market on how people have lost their cap or rigged their own homemade way to keep track of it, but Cozy-Industries has come out with a sleek solution to solve the problem.PencilCozy is a rubber cap cover that fits snugly to the Apple Pencil to keep your cap from getting separated from your pencil. It feels like, with the regular daily use of the Apple Pencil, the PencilCozy should hold up well without there being a fear of it slipping or snapping off. There are two small flaws with the design of this product. First, it adds a little bit of…

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