I unbox the STM Micro and ClearCal for the iPad as well as break the Styloid for your Iphone/iPod Touch.
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25 thoughts on “RadTech iPad Accessories Unboxing

  1. j2tran77 says:

    Hey Michael, great vid as always. I woud recommend the timbuk2 netbook/ipad messenger bag which is great all weather bag and works great on bikes/motocycles plus it looks a lot better than your man purse. Keep up the good work bro!

  2. Punisher08 says:

    Great video Michael! Funny you mention the “man purse”. My wife was bustin my chops about it when I was using it last night. Im going to install the Clear Cal today. Tried out the Stylus for the 1st time with my iPhone, not as sensitive as I was expecting it to be. Wondering if its due to my screen shield.

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