Melanie gives a review of the TabGrip, the ultimate iPad upgrade.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 for my website… Essential Accessories 1. Camera Connection Kit: includes a SD card reader and a USB adapter for connecting camera, camcorders, low-power consumption USB flash drives, or self-powered USB devices. This adapter will let you connect MIDI keyboard or guitar controllers and external mic, and keyboards provided that they are self-powered or low-powered or else the iPad will not be able to power it. 2. Digital AV Adapter: Connect to your HD TV via HDMI. It also has a dock port for charging the iPad while connected to a HD TV. 3. Red Leather Smart Cover by Apple. Part of the proceeds goes to charity so that’s why I bought it. 4. Tunewear’s Eggshell 0.9mm thin see-thru back cover: includes a display protective film, squeegee for getting rid of air bubbles, dock port cover to prevent dust from getting into your iPad, cleaning cloth, and an edge protector that will protect the area where the cut-out of the back cover is and where the Apple smart cover attaches to the iPad. Please rate, comment, subscribe, and tell others about my channels: tkviper and thank you… see you next time.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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