FUNCTION – BZseed GPS Navigation HUD Image Reflector can reflect GPS HUD image clearly in front of your eyesight, letting you see navigation clearly without lowering head, bringing safety, convenience and joy for driving. ABOUT HUD – HUD, namely head up display, is a method to display GPS navigation image on a reflector in front of your head so that you can see it without lowering head while driving. Almost all navigation apps have HUD mode. When entering HUD mode, map navigation image will be changed into bright arrow directing navigation image, which is very cool and clearer to see when projected to reflector in front of you. Note: reflecting button shall be clicked to ensure correct arrow direction. COMPOSITION – BZseed GPS Navigation HUD Image Reflector is made up of 3 parts. 1st, hardened scratch-resist reflective panel to project navigation information .2nd, a flat friction pad to well hold your phone and prevent it from sliding on the dash. 3nd, a ball and socket type foot that has a tape to adhere to the center console. Foot is flexible enough to allow placement on non flat surface. SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE- Reflective panel is made of special organic material. It can reflect image very clearly while keeping transparency at the same time. Road view won’t be sheltered and no safety issue exists. Ball and socket type foot is 360 degree rotable, offering views in different angles. Tape on the bottom of foot is highly bonding, sticking tightly even on a dash. Size – Base size: 6.3”(Length) X 3.7”(Width) X 0.5”(Thickness); Screen Size: 5.9”. Suitable for iPhone, Samsung as well as most other Smart Phones.

3 thoughts on “BZseed Head Up Display, Car HUD Phone GPS Navigation Image Reflector

  1. Silverwing87 says:

    Mediocre HUD, not optimally functional. SKIP for now until improved design. Mediocre product. Works ok but not really very functional due to the following issues:(1) the 3M double sided tape to stick onto your dashboard is not very good. It doesn’t stick very well and mine peeled after letting it sit overnight. They do provide two strips but neither worked so I ended up using my own double sided tape.(2) the reflector screen does ok to reflect the image of your phone or HUD, however due to the low height of the screen, you get a double image of the HUD image. One on the screen on the HUD display, and another on the windshield. It gets very distracting and makes you reconsider getting this at all since you end up projecting two images in front of you.I suggest NOT getting this or any of the HUD display holders right now as they all are of similar design. The reflector is too low and directly in front and above the screen being projected. It the reflector should have an extra inch or two in height so it’s above the image…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I ordered this product for long distance trips where I don’t want to continuously check my phone to search for the directions on my GPS. My car has navigation, but it is a lease so I have limited miles. We’ve used this in my husband’s car a few times this past week. My husband also likes to use it when meeting new prospective clients in neighborhoods or areas he isn’t familiar with, he has a terrible sense of direction. It is useful, even though it doesn’t beat my navigation. It was easy to install; mounted easily to dashboard. I was a little worried the 3M tape strips provided wouldn’t really hold up, but they have. Our phones are held securely in place. The reflector screen projects what is on our cell phones very clearly; so this product does exactly what it states it will do. This works better at night, when there is no glare from the sunlight. I feel a lot safer just glancing up at my windshield to check on directions as opposed to looking down at my phone while driving on the…

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