Unique Features
The Archeer dual USB car charger is by far the most advanced in-car USB charger adapter, Comparing to other alternatives, with a LCD screen to let you know the charging status
and the car battery voltage in a simple and precise way. Two differentiated output (5V/2.4A & 5V/1A) USB port allows you to charge 2 devices (like your iPhone and iPad)
at the same time while driving.

Safe Charge on the Road
This product is designed to minimize distraction and maximize your safety on the road. The secure flame resistant materials and the intelligent control chip help to avoid
short circuit hazard, over current and over charging.

Flexible Head Pivot
Considering that the position of cigarette lighter socket may vary from car to car. We decide to have our car charger with a swiveling head pivot to make it more adaptable
to most of the in-car charging ports so that every driver can charge their phones and see the charging status in a more comfortable and handy angle.

– Input: DC 12-24V
– Output 1: 5V/2.4A
– Output 2: 5V/1A

Compatibility Models (Partial List):
Apple: iPhone 6s, 6sPlus, 6, 6Plus, 5S; iPad Air, Air 2, iPad Mini4 Mini3 Mini2
Samsung: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S5, S4, Note5, Note4, Note3
Android: Nexus, HTC, LG, SONY, Motorola and other phone models

3 thoughts on “Car Charger, Archeer Dual USB Car Charger Adapter(5v/3.4A output)with LCD Screen – Display for iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5 Samsung S6, S6 Edge and Android Devices

  1. Cuong P. Nguyen says:

    Excellent high-power dual USB car charger The design of this charger is very good. It has two USB outputs (one at 2.4A and the other 1A). I use the 2.4A for my iPhone 6S Plus and it charges very fast (Note that other chargers out there have 2.1A which is slightly lower current drive). I also use this to charge my Samsung tablet. The LED is pretty cool to see at night. It shows the current voltage level of the car battery and it should be between 11.5V and 14.5V (for normal battery operating condition). Not that you don’t need to check the car battery all the time but this can be handy as a voltmeter check car battery voltages if you live in cold areas and in the winter time. When you plug in a device in any of the two USB ports a corresponding status “text” light up to show if the 2.4A port or the 1A port is used. I find this to be very useful. I have other dual USB car chargers with just a single LED to show that it’s on but no separate statuses so sometimes I want to plug my 6SP to the higher amperage one…

  2. M. Qureshi says:

    It’s an alright charger which might have problems but sometimes gets the job done too… I got to use this car charger with my nexus 6 and I was surprised how well it performed when it came to charging my phone. During the nexus 6 charging I tried to plug my oneplus in on the right hand socket (5v 1.0A) but the USB wire simple refused to be plugged in, I tried to push in and wiggle a little and got the same result. So I unplugged the charger from the battery and after trying to wiggle the USB in I finally managed to push it in. I figured oh well and plugged it all back into the car socket and kept on driving. After my long drive ended (about 5 hours) I noticed my oneplus was barely charged and this charger was giving me a weird error which I recorded and will put up right here. It refused to charge my phones from there on and once I tried to pull my USB wires out, it was simply not happening, both of them were jammed pretty well and I really had to struggle with pulling them both out one after the other. As soon as I pulled…

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