25 thoughts on “I am Siri on iPhone 4S

  1. parfumfashion says:

    @zBUstAHeADz oh wow thats so cool hahaha kinda creeps me out though lol ­čśŤ
    so i was wondering what happens when your at a noisy place? or someone is talking right next to u or something wont siri get confused? or what like lets say ur at a party and everyone is talking around u or ur at the mall and u ask siri something and instead it listens to other people…? does that happen? or what?

  2. zBUstAHeADz says:

    @parfumfashion you tell siri that whoever your talking about is your wife. For example, Bob is my wife, tell siri that “Bob is my wife” and siri will remember that. Hope that helps.

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  7. OrbitalNihabiTanTz says:

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