New iPhone 4S in Keynote of 2011. Dual Core A5 Chip Camera 8MPX iCloud Siri Video powered by

25 thoughts on “iPhone 4S [Official Video][Keynote 2011][HD]

  1. meatyp09 says:

    @thewebmogul not a apple fanboy at all i thought you were talking about th flash for the camera im with sprint and i have an samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g and you dont have to tell me how much it sold cause i know its the best phone on the market right now apple should really take notes from android and htc because thier constantly evolving while apple is staying the same

  2. FoodOnCrack says:

    voice cmmand was already available on android, so was dual core.
    so des the sliding task bar. and still no flash player.
    but icloud and camera and other stuff is just badass 😀

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