A quick video to show the difference in speed between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. Just to clarify a few points. I do not claim this to be in any way a scientific test. I did try to hit the screens at the same time, most are pretty accurate. The iPhone shown is a 3 month old Apple referb. Both phones had just been installed with iOS5 (reformat) and rebooted. They are linked to the same iTunes account so have the same apps installed (just ordered slightly differently). The clips are edited to remove the footage of me closing the apps. Each app launch was made with no other apps running. Both phones are connected to the same wireless network. The music is Ebb-Tides from the album Electric Oceans by Gus Till. You can buy the album for £5.99 on iTunes. itunes.apple.com

25 thoughts on “iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 – Speed Test

  1. THEDUBMAN101 says:

    You’re not paying 300 euro’s for a second faster phone, your paying for 8mp camera, higher definition video recording, improved antennas, an the most important thing …….. Siri

  2. hotmotorcycle says:

    @tofasFYGAS it’s not only that the iphone 4S have an dual core from 1GHz while the iphone 4 have a single core from 1GHz or that’s what i read the iphone 4S is 300 euros more because it has 8MP camera + 1080p video recording + Bluetooth 4.0 that are most different things but the battery life of the iphone 4 will be hold it much longer than the 4S (sorry for my english)

  3. bellajacklil says:

    @toargames dud me too!!! It takes forever to do anything!!! i cant wait till my contract is up! Im not sure if I want to stick with apple or try something else. we shall see!!

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