ZVE? 4-in-1 Multifunctional Case Built-in Cigarette Lighter/ Bottle Opener/ Tripod Screw-hole for iPhone 6/6s (4.7inch) Features:

If you always forget to take or lose your lighter or opener, do not be hesitate to buy this USEFUL 4-IN-1 HYBRID. It is more than a shockproof protective case, but also a bottle opener, a cigarette case, and support fixing a tripod/stand — amazing and useful for camping or parties.

The Lighter Features:
?Input: 3.8~5V?1.5A
?Lighter Material:?Heating?coil
?Lifespan: 8000~10000 times

Important Reminder:
? About the charging, when the battery volt is lower than 3.2 V, the heating coil doesn’t work. You can use USB?cable?(comes?with?the?case)?to?connect?the?case?with a?power?bank or your computer to charge it for about 1.6 hours, then it is fully charged.
? When the cigarette lighter doesn’t work, it may be the Intelligent Fire Lock is locked. Please try to push the button continuously and quickly for 3 times then you can unlock it.
? IMPORTANT: 4.7inch CASE IS FOR iPhone 6/6s, 5.5inch CASE IS FOR iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus

Buy ZVE case with the peace of mind that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed:
? 1-Year Warranty
? Passionate 5.0 star rated customer support

Package Included: 1 * Case, 1 * USB Cable (Kindly reminder: tripod is not included with the case)

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