iPhone Case Review: Third Rail System Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S
What's Not: 1250 mAh LiPo battery is a bit small compared to other battery cases, and doesn't quite double the capacity of your iPhone's 1450 mAh battery. The Third Rail System for iPhone 4/4S is a battery case with a twist. …
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Apple iPhone 4S Drawing Strong Satisfaction Ratings: Survey
Apple's iPhone 4S is getting strong satisfaction ratings from owners, according to a new survey. Apple's iPhone 4S is apparently drawing high customer satisfaction ratings, according to a new survey from ChangeWave Research, a division of analyst firm …
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The iPhone 4S, simply hard not to love
If the iPhone 4S were a child, it would probably be suffering the 'middle child syndrome' – always compared and criticised, somehow not as much loved and constantly having to prove something. At its launch many were upset that the baby was not the …
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