A combination mobile game controller and second battery, Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery lets you play and talk and surf and shoot and play some more. Console-style analog game controls allow for more intensive, complex game play with an entire screen for viewing. A 1500 mAh battery provides for long play sessions.

2 thoughts on “Logitech 940-000151 Powershell Controller & Batteryaccs Console Style Ctlr-iphone/ipod 5

  1. grant urbanski says:

    WORKS PERFECTLY WITH GBA4iOS AND NDS4iOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this thing. It really works, and people say the controls are broken but they’re not broken they’re just different type of controls. I mainly got this for gba4ios and it not only works with that but with nds4ios aswell. The d pad can be pressed harder to get a better response because at first I thought the response was weird because when I was using it, it wasn’t working when I was just touching it, but when I pressed down it was easier to control games and it was very responsive.GBA4iOS(. And if you don’t have gba4ios google how to get it, it’s easy and amazing, you don’t need a jailbreak to get it but you can only get it on the gba4ios website by setting your date back to February / 18 / 2014 on your idevice after it try’s to install a second time, then you open it then after opened set the date. )Controllers Review / FeaturesNow I think the Moga ace would be better because it has more joysticks for games like dead trigger and…

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