Perhaps you have the experience of falling the phone to the ground resulting in expensive repair costs

Or phone screen too large to your fingers caused finger fatigue and operating inconvenience

Or buy other phone grip and found it very easy to fall off, resulting in a waste of money.

Solover summed up the shortcomings of other phone grip strengthens product appearance, paste and material
which can help you solve these problems relieve your concerns.

-Aids easier to operating phone/take selfies especially large screen phone and heavy phone,helping you hold your phone easier with one hand.
-Finger more relaxed.The fingers are feel more comfortable and relaxed while using Solover phone ring than the one who do not used.
-Flexible silicone strap with the slidable button can easily transform between phone girp and kickstand.
-Allow you lying down to browse

This phone ring holder also can use as kickstand for hands-free usage on tables for watching movies.

With 180 degrees adjustable angle car hook mount.You can transform phone grip into car mount in a second.

Three Stylish colour perfect match the phone colour makes your phone look more luxurious.Best novel gift for Lovers,friends.

Package contains:
One phone grip
One car hook mount
One spare hook mount sticker
Retail packaging

More funny use you can discover by yourself,come and get your must need cell phone accessories “ADD TO CART”to enjoy more fun of operating phone

3 thoughts on “Phone Grip SOLOVER Phone Ring Holder Grip 3 in 1 with Car Mount for iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6S/Plus Samsung S6 S7 Other Device and Case – Stick Tightly – One More Spare Hook Mount Sticker Black

  1. K. Chang says:

    The concept of the holder is quite good, but compatibility is quite a bit less than expected Ordered the holder / grip / kickstand combo device in anticipation of putting it on either my phone or my tablet with a case (both uses Trident cases).Tried it on Moto X, and found that the device was just quarter inch too long as it almost covered up the center-mounted camera on the moto X. It is not possible to mount this off-center due to balance issues. Furthermore, Moto X has a curved back so the case is also curve, and this device does NOT bend. Thus, adhesion is less than ideal and it fell off after a day of use, through no fault of the device. Furthermore, the kickstand folds out too far, and the device is too low to the surface. It is only suitable for landscape use.Then attempted to deploy this on a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet, also in a Trident case. with more surface area to work with (and mostly flat), the holder works, and the kickstand even deploys properly, but again, this only works in landscape mode. In portrait mode the angle is not sufficient to…

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