PAMISO Luxury rose shape Universal Phone Stand & Holder

The ring is designed to be pasted on hard and smooth surface,as for soft quality material such as silicon,or coarse material surface,please be sure to try and test firstly,and confirm no problem for safe and effective use,
Can be revolve in either horizontal direction 360° or vertical direction 180°. Washable and reusable.
Remove the protective film of the ring,and past it up to smart phone/tablet;
Suitable for Most of the Digital Mobile Products in the Market.
Adhesive build-up by water.
Premium material and color makes your phone more luxurious look.
Phone Stand : Good for watching Youtube and movie and playing music.
Reusable self-adhesive : Dust can be washed out using clean water to restore strong adhesiveness.
Size: Fit for all size of Smartphne, includes for iPhone, for iPad, for Samsung etc.

When use the ring,please avoid fall or shock which may cause damage to smart phone/tablet;
Remove the ring,please don’t pull off it by force,otherwise smart phone/tablet would be damaged;
Please don’t expose the ring to sunlight,high temperature,or high humidity environment,which could cause the deterioration of its quality;
Place the ring out of the reach of the children;

2 thoughts on “Phone Stand, PAMISO Luxury rose shape Universal Phone Stand ,Multi-Angle Portable Stand, 360 Rotation 3D Aluminium Alloy Ring Grip/Phone Holder for iPhone,Samsung, All Cell Phones (Pink)

  1. ACG says:

    A Lil Help Next Time? When I received this item, it arrived in a padded shipping envelope with no packing slip or instructions. The item itself was in a small package, that kinda reminded me of a condom wrapper. But hey, it’s made in China, don’t be picky.I busted open the package, and was excited to apply it to my freshly cleaned phone case.But wait…. How am I supposed to?? All there is on the back is this red gel, and scrapping at it didn’t peel any layer; the whole sticky part came with it.Not wanting to ruin my new item, I read some of the reviews that said something about a white sticker to remove, and then the red was the adhesive side… No white stickers on mine.I finally said to hell with it, and started picking at it like a teen on their face. I was finally able to get the red wrapper (reminded me of a cheese wheel plastic) off, and reveal the clear gel.So far it’s sticking wonderfuly, but I’ll update later on how it wears after 30days. It’s pretty, and fits…

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