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Refitted with a special cell phone case, the landline phone receiver can keep your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S in place. When you talk on your cell phone, you can even rest the landline phone case against your shoulder just like people did way back when. …
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Officials don't expect cellphone ban in Tennessee or Georgia
by Joan Garrett A Chattanooga motorist holds an iPhone 4S while driving on Thursday. The National Transportation Safety Board declared last week that texting, emailing or chatting on a cellphone while driving is too dangerous to be allowed and urged …
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Most Buzzed-About Smartphone? iPhone 4S
According to Nielsen, the iPhone 4S is the most buzzed-about phone in the last six months. Nielsen said it found the "iPhone 4S has been the most frequently mentioned smartphone in terms of online buzz on blogs, message boards/groups, …
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