Will It Blend - iPhone 4S (New iPhone App)

Click here (bit.ly to see our new app! It’s Free! (and we all like free) Tom has adapted the new Siri technology from the new iPhone 4S into his Blendtec Total Blender.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Will It Blend – iPhone 4S (New iPhone App)

  1. ChrisMcA13 says:

    @lucky1206 At least the iPhone works, Android is incapable of sending a text without a message that says ‘process messaging is not responding’. It might be “boring as chalk” (not really sure what that means) but it does what it’s supposed to do.

  2. FlatlandSkimboards says:

    Get it free while we still can! iPhone app “app trailers” enter bonus code “highfive” for free points towards iTunes or other gift cards!” seriously no joke!!!

  3. babykillerkitten says:

    lol what an idiot. (Lucky1206) personally i like not having a phone that restarts in the middle of sending a text. and i like not have a phone that has bullshit knock off apps. they try to copy apple and think they can do it better, maybe you didn’t know that apple is getting ready to be the first trillion dollar company…. ever. and most of they’re sales/income are from their portable devices. droid vs iphone is a personal choice but one being better then the other is pretty darn clear to me.

  4. lucky1206 says:

    Apple has nothing on Android phones. Android phones come out with bigger screens, new tech, bigger memory, and hell of a lot more stuff than anything Apple. apple iphone ALWAYS looks the same, ALWAYS has the same crap, ALWAYS has stupid people buying them because now the phone can talk to you..big deal..lol..give me a break. now they come out with a touchscreen ipod? how many touchscreen mp3 players came out already since now? Anybody that buys a Apple is about as boring as chalk

  5. nikospetou97 says:

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    Just Google it. You DON’T want to miss is it’s simply amazing. you won’t believe how fast it is damnnnn.

  6. hotwheelsnightriders says:

    @strawberrychewitgum, you can actually get an iPhone 4s for Free, simply try to google for something like: iPhone4sGiveaway.info

    My 18 years brother just received one this morning, couldn’t beleive my eyes! it’s limited promotion I think

  7. drome55 says:

    iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S2, iPhone 4S3, iPhone 4G. Just release the iPhone 5. I can’t wait. Whoever has an iPodTouch, iPhone, or iPad, check out ‘App Trailers’ in the iTunes Store and use bonus code ‘covert’ for extra points. Get instant Gift Card codes for PayPal, Amazon, and iTunes!

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