The 11″ beats the 13″ in what the Air is good for. It’s a fun secondary computer as long as you manage your expectations — and your budget. Update: This LCD viewing angle test demonstrates my claim beautifully. Look at the gamma test (image 1) and the blue/purple fade (image 2) and compare to your other displays. What’s YOUR opinion of the MacBook Air? Leave your comments here or tweet me — or leave me a voicemail at +1 (218) 6-NNTAKE, and I’ll play them on a future episode of “nntake.” (

25 thoughts on “11.6″ MacBook Air Review: 13″ Compared

  1. LadyBirdaable says:

    Hi ^_^ do you know if the 2011 model still has this screen problem on the 13” macbook air… cuz im thinking of gettin me one in the couple of few days, an right now im very hesitant so i’d be forever so grateful if you’d review the 2011 models.

  2. DeviousWashere2 says:

    The only real difference between the macbook air 13 inch and macbook pro is flash storage on air an a larger storage capcity of the macbook pro really just buy an external 1T hard drive and yo have the same thing as a mac book pro

  3. gio048 says:

    Well first thing first,what a exallent video,your right on so many things.I dont own aMac yet,but becouse of your great review i probally will buy one.Now the BIG question,what tech equipment did you use,Damn your video looks like a movie,i need to now what you used,even the mik is kool,and what softwear did you use.Oh by the way you should work for apple,very profeshinal.Im very impressed.

  4. avett47 says:

    I disagree, my friend has a macbook pro and I have the 13 inch air and it’s just as nice, at all angles. The macbook pro is more glassy and reflective. You have to just check it out at the apple store I think. I personally like that the pro has the black boarder around the screen instead of the silver. But the 13 air is unbelievable light and lovely to carry around, it’s only .6 pounds heavier which for me was worth the compromise because of its better battery life and larger screen.

  5. FluffyMuffina says:

    The only reason I want the 13″ is because I really want the amount of storage the hard drive has on the most expensive one, but after watching this, I might just transfer files onto my desktop after I use them on my air.

  6. healz07 says:

    Hi everyone, I’m just wondering at what price you could get a MacBook Air 11″ (2011 Model) in February next year, and if it becomes outdated where to get it. My main reasoning for purchasing one will be for internet browsing, social networking, small to no gaming, homework and for music. I know many other brands have similar ones for cheaper prices but I feel more comfortable and reliant on Mac products.

  7. FutureUCLAStudent says:

    Awesome review! I was going to get a MBP for my first mac, but after watching your video, I realized that I won’t be needing all the power that the Pro is used for. I’m not a photo editor, video editor or gamer. I just need a fast simple laptop that I can use to write papers, watch videos and listen to music on. Thanks!

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