I spend a few minutes giving first impressions of the new MacBook Air 11″ model, with side by side comparison of the iPad and 15″ MacBook Pro. I did try to make this video short, but it turns out there is a lot to be said about the new MacBook Air! Also the last few seconds of the video got cut off… sorry. Please feel free to leave comments or questions and I will try to respond. Also be sure to rate. Thanks for watching!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “2010 Apple MacBook Air 11″ first impressions in HD

  1. JLXZ83 says:

    Yes, much more. The Air is really for college students because of it being lightweight and compact. And it is not recommended for everyday browsing or anything that takes up to much of the computer’s RAM. Being that small DOES have it’s drawbacks – like a less powerful microprocessor…. So get the Mac-book Pro.

  2. yonagase1 says:

    Do you like MBA 2010 late or MBA new 2011?
    Used MBA 2010 late became abailable more cheaper.
    So I recomend 2010 Late with SU9600 and Radeon graphics bord to mac beginner.

  3. Ruttie2 says:

    @Drachenreiterklaus Nah, i already have 4 HD cams. 1 Normal, with 3 slow motion 675 fps ones. All on 1080p. I’ll post it on youtube when i get the chance. I also need to buy the sledgehammer, so i’ll have to collect a big amount of money.

  4. weaponEX says:

    I played on a 13″ Macbook Air in Covent Garden this week. It’s a lovely looking machine but don’t like the black line around the screen

    also a minor quibble about Lion: when expanding into full screen mode, the animation is literally rubbish

    other than that, i can foresee Lion on the 2011 Macbook Air a tactile dream come true, especially since the price is so reasonable now

  5. bertus23 says:

    @TheseBeatsAreNew You think things are going to happen overnight ? lol, he’s “chatting this macbookair shit” to keep us informed of whats going on, release dates, hardware ect…

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