The 13.3″ Apple MacBook Air is extremely thin and durable. It comes with an innovative aluminum unibody design and an integrated battery that’ll allow you up to 7 hours of wireless web browsing. This is a stylish computer that’ll definitely keep you happy!

3 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Air MC503LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)

  1. Cinnamon says:

    A Very Worthy Investment I have owned many Apple laptops and computers over the years, and without a doubt think that the 2010 13″ Macbook Air is one of the strongest offerings the company has ever had. I am a ‘power user’ and use my laptop for heavy photo and video editing. I frequently have Photoshop running simultaneously with many other memory-intensive programs, including Windows 7 (through Parallels), and use my laptop for hours every day.I purchased the 13″ Macbook Air (which I’ll refer to as ‘MBA’ for simplicity) directly from Apple, and added 2GB of RAM to make the set-up 4GB total. I do not know if Amazon allows you to customize it this way, so if it doesn’t consider buying it directly from Apple or another store which does allow this upgrade. From what I understood, due to the MBA’s construction – the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard – you won’t be able to add RAM yourself later. If you’re a light user, you should probably be fine with just 2 GB of RAM, but if you plan to…

  2. Steve H says:

    “Air” Benefits with Fewer Drawbacks! I chose the 256 GB storage option model, but the other specifications on this machine are the same.I do have fairly recent Mac desktops, but my own personal Mac notebook had become aged. It was a Powerbook.With the release of iPad last Spring, I had considered not going back to owning a new notebook, with a desktop and iPad at my disposal.However, I decided I simply need a keyboard for some on the go work, and my machine was simply too old now.This October 2010 MacBook Air redesign is the answer for me. I will try to post some images of the device soon.Physically, the footprint is not much different than a 13-inch MacBook or MacBook Pro that other members of my household own. However, it’s the thinness and lightweight design that brings out the “wow,” for those who see it. If you want to use it on your lap in a large chair or sofa, it is simply comfortable. If you need to stop while walking, and stand against a wall and check…

  3. Paul C Huang says:

    The anti-reflective coating is finally good enough for me to consider glossy This review addresses specifically the screen quality.Those who demand desktop performance from a portable should consider the iMac. That being said, I have noticed that this low-voltage Core 2 duo 2.13GHz can easily keep up with its big cousins (MacBook Pro 13.3″). The performance is good enough, so I am unconcerned about benchmarks.Let’s look at the screen. Even if you have a tonal range of medium grey to complete darkness, the reflection on the screen is not as bothersome as the MacBook Pro’s highly-reflective glass and the previous version MacBook Air’s glossy screen (it, too, had a coating, but not as good as this version).I am in my mid-40s, so I initially thought the 1440 x 900 pixels being squeezed down to 13.3″ area may be too small for me to read. Not so. The increased pixel density and the increased contrast makes the text much more readable. Those who are skeptical should forget about the specifications and just see it in person…

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